• Basic Harris Kit

    Basic Harris Kit

    Basic kit which includes everything you need to get started with RifleSticks. Kit includes: Harris Quick Disconnects, OEM Adapters (allows QDs to accept factory rubber feet), Universal Spiked Feet, and 12" Extensions.

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  • Harris Deluxe Kit

    Harris Deluxe Kit

    The deluxe kit which includes everything the basic kit has except we include the highly desired Grappler Spiked feet and an additional set of OEM adapters (modifies the Grappler to work in the Quick Disconnects). Kit...

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  • Harris OEM Adapter

    Harris OEM Adapter

    OEM feet adapters are manufacturer specific but are designed to fit in any Rifle Sticks QD Coupler. Simply remove the OEM feet from your bipod, insert the feet into the adapters and they are ready for quick disconnect. If you intend...

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  • Harris Quick Disconnects

    Harris Quick Disconnects

    Quick Disconnect (QD) Couplers replace OEM feet and enable users to rapidly switch between Rifle Sticks Accessories via a pull down collar. Still want to use OEM rubber feet? Simple, add the OEM feet adapters for your...

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