2021 Rifleman's Team Challenge

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2021 Rifleman's Team Challenge

Welcome to the 2021 RTC!

All member are encouraged to join the Facebook group "Riflemans Team Challenge". This will be the primary form of communication.

RTC Guidelines are available for download on the FB Group, select file on the left margin and they are located there. Participants are expected to know the rules contained therein. In the event that there is a tie for the series (2 teams each win 3 matches), the tie breaker will be the highest scoring team at the championship match. If neither team attends the championship, the tie will be broken by whichever team has the highest average of scores for all matches for the season.

The championship match will count as a scored event for the series, worth 125 points.

Team members must both register for the same division. If one team member shoot a Tactical class rifle and the other shoots an Open class rifle, they will be in the Open Division. Make sense? Teams may register for both open and limited division but separate registrations must be completed.

For Canadian registered teams, email me immediately after registration for the RTC (csharp@riflesticks.com). A blanket invite (personalized with each competitors name) with all matches for the year will be sent out at once in a mass email distribution.

The series calendar will be updated on Facebook as necessary. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1671471799596512/?ref=bookmarks

Questions pertaining to individual matches (such as fees, dates, location, etc) shall be directed towards the match director.