2018 Rifleman's Team Challenge

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2018 Rifleman's Team Challenge

Welcome to the 2018 RTC! The 2017 season was very successful and we hope to continue that this coming year!!

The RTC URL will be not be updated for 2018. All communication will be on Facebook.


RTC Guidelines are available for download. Participants are expected to know the rules contained therein. The 2017 rules will apply to 2018 with no immediate changes except one in regards to scoring. In the event that there is a tie for the series (2 teams each win 3 matches), the tie breaker will be the highest scoring team at the championship match. If neither team attends the championship, the tie will be broken by whichever team has the highest average of scores for all matches for the season.

The championship match will count as a scored event for the series.

Team members must both register for the same division. If one team member shoot a Limited class rifle and the other shoots an Open class rifle, they will be in the Open Division. Make sense?

For Canadian registered teams, email me immediately after registration for the RTC (csharp@riflesticks.com). A blanket invite (personalized with each competitors name) with all matches for the year will be sent out at once in a mass email distribution.

Tentative Dates:

2/10-2/11 Cold Bore Classic (a.k.a. Frozin Chosin) Benton City, WA. MD- John Hauptmann

4/7-4/8 Karstetter Memorial. Wilbur, WA. MD- Clint Sharp

4/28-4/29 District Six Bozeman, MT. MD- Peter Howell

5/19-5/20 Kettle Falls Steel Challenge. Kettle Falls, WA . MD- Carl Taylor

5/26- 5/27 Granite Creek Steel Challenge. Alder, MT MD- Bill Woods

6/2-6/3 Snipershide Team Cup. Kettle Falls, WA MD- Frank Galli

6/9-6/10 AEM Precision. Jordan, MT MD- Eric/Ann Miller

7/21-7/22 Art of the Rifle. 3 Forks, MT MD- Glen Demeray

10/6-10/7 RTC Championship. Wilbur, WA MD- Clint Sharp

Questions regarding individual matches, fees, dates, location, etc shall be directed towards the match director.